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4pcs Small Dog Shoes ith Adjustable Fastener Strap, Lake Blue


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  • Please make sure to measure your dog's paw size before purchase
  • Great for daily wear and outdoor adventures; effectively protecting your pal against ice, heat, glass, and other hazards; for friendly reminder, it is not recommended for going-out wearing on a rainy day
  • Built with an adorable sneaker design; our dog shoes are durably constructed of a slip resistant sole and soft breathable flyweaving mesh upper with reflective strap, keeping your pal safe at nighttime; please note: not machine washable
  • A zipper and double wrap around fastener strap offer easy on off access and a secure, flexible fit for your pets comfort
  • Warranty: 12-month limited warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Steven Wolf

I ordered XXXS and they are too small and need to return them, but have not heard anything back from you ???

Diane Wilborn
My dog and I were happy about how they looked on him.

I realize afterwards that there is a scale and directions to measure a dogs feet. I only got that information from the company after the purchase was done. But the fit is good. This was his first pair of shoes. He walks great in them. This was after minimal practice.

Russell Yeley

Love these boots. The rubber sole will be good to walk on hot pavement. Just took my 13 pound dog out for a long walk on the cold wet pavement. Kept her feet warm and dry in 32 degree weather. If I make sure they're snug enough they don't come off. Very happy.

Kathrine Baldwin
Fits great!

I would have token a picture but the dog that wears them is up in the mountains right now. Super cute.

Quality rubber bottoms

?After more attempts than I can remember these XXXS dog booties fit my 6Lb mini dachshund with IVDD. She wobbles when she walks from her back injury which causes her hind paws to drag a bit. On the concrete her little hinders are rubbed raw and claws are worn down to the quick. She refuses to go in her stroller now that she can walk and she wants to keep up with her big sister on walks. The bottom of the shoes are a quality rubber, more like a sneaker. The zipper allows for quick on and off and the zelcro allows you to tighten them to ensure they stay on. Plus they are cute! These wouldn't be like a snow boot (at least not here in WI). They would protect from salt and would probably be great in hot climates when pavement is too hot.